stories of hope

The Umbrella Women love to share God’s kindness and grace! Here are a few stories of how He has used us to do just that...

Henry’s Transformation

On March 8, 2018, The Umbrella Women were enjoying one of our regular monthly visits to the SCAT bus station on North Lemon Avenue when we heard a gentleman named Henry call out, “Hey, umbrella ladies!”. He said he had not seen us in quite a while and reintroduced himself. Then Henry happily explained we had given him an umbrella a while back, and the Bible verse inside it (Jeremiah 29:11) changed his life. He wanted us to know that within a few days of reading that verse, he stopped using drugs. Henry told us he had been “clean for 19 months and was sharing the good news of Jesus with everyone” because he felt called “to pay it forward.”