Meet our ALL VOLUNTEER team of ladies that love the Lord!  
These ladies work together in all aspects of The Umbrella Women from naming bracelets, to fundraising, to new ideas & goals.  Above all, these "umbrella women" depend on the Lord to guide them toward their next endeavors and how to achieve all that He has for them!  

Kelly grew up in Atlanta, but found her life partner in Chicago. It did not take long to convince Peter to move to FL. Who could resist sunshine and beaches? Their sons' name is Parker who is the love of their life. Kelly is secretly known as the "gatherer". When she is not working; she is with her family & friends.  She is very passionate about people and their needs. So it was no surprise God lead her to The Umbrella Women mission. Teamed with a group of amazing women and the fierce need in the community ~ it's a perfect fit. She gets to gather people to serve others needs while spreading Gods word and love. God is good.


Get to Know Her:  Kelly is known as the "bus driver" of the group. People may get on and off the bus, but Kelly keeps on driving - no matter what! Her love for the Lord and dedication to The Umbrella Women is unmatched!

Location:  Florida

Angie is a stay-at-home mom & wife.  She is also a textile designer & fine artist who graduated from the Ringling College of Art & Design in 2001 with a BFA in Illustration. Angie lends her artistic talents to create fun, pretty & interesting content to further the reach of The Umbrella Women.  She cooks, cleans, paints, sews & writes to her heart's content as well as hangs out with the coolest guy she knows, her son. They go on nature adventures and hang out with her tremendously awesome husband, who reminds her daily exactly how much God loves her. She is convinced that her husband was made specifically for her as he is her match in every way! Her blessings are many!


Get to Know Her:  Angie is the crazy girl that up and decided to move to Texas.  Now The Umbrella Women are embarking on helping a new group of people with specific needs to that location.

Location:  Texas 

Tina has rebuilt the foundation of her life based on the cornerstone of her relationship with God. Her relationship with Jesus grows everyday and she has used this connection to his strength and Grace to step up and step out in faith- so that others can know him and see the what wonderful things he can do in a person's heart, and in their life. Tina is 16 years married to her husband Billy and has two wonderful boys, Tyler and Cody. Tina attended SCF and USF and works in accounting. She has traveled to Italy, Paris, Hawaii and Croatia; her next dream destination is Alaska. The world of art and painting brings her joy, and she loves to cook for her friends and family.


Get to Know Her:  Tina is the quiet one of the group.  Don't let that fool you though; she is mighty!!! Tina is an incredibly strong woman who loves the Lord!  She is also the one that handles all our bookkeeping - thank goodness for that!!!!!!

Location:  Florida

Pam Is a passionate woman for God and all of his creations. Pam graduated with a degree in Cosmetology from Pensacola Junior College, where she has worked for 30+ years serving as an educator and mentor. A native Floridian, Pam was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida in a tight knit, church-focused family. When Pam was 5 years old, her Mom would take her along with her two brothers to Church on the one bike they had. One child in the middle of the handle bars, one on the handle bar, while the other child rode on the back of the bike with the Mom. Pam's mother was a wonderful and determined woman and the job she did shows in the wonderful and determined woman that Pam became. When Pam is not busy making women stylish, she enjoys time with her 2 dogs walking the local forest preserves. Pam's love of God's natural world has inspired her to seek out new and exciting natural vistas around the world. She has had the pleasure of experiencing These wonders from London to the Sequoia National Park, to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.


Get to Know Her:  Pam is our prayer warrior! This woman can talk to God anywhere/anytime!  On our first umbrella gifting, Pam prayed with a woman in the grocery store!

Location:  Florida

Mindy is a native Floridian born and raised in Melbourne, FL and a proud graduate of the University of Central Florida. As a self-proclaimed “nerd”, she is crazy about numbers and has enjoyed a fulfilling career as an accountant for almost 13 years, most of it for nonprofit organizations. The only thing she loves more than an Excel spreadsheet is her awesome husband of three years, Michael. Mindy and Michael enjoy spending time with family, working in the yard, and visiting any place that has sun, sand, and warm water. Mindy has been inspired by the passion and vision of those involved with the Umbrella Women and is grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside such wonderful women.


Get to Know Her:  Mindy is so knowledgable about numbers it is truly amazing! She's our little genius!

Location:  Florida

Kelly Beale

Angie McAfee

Tina Coleman

Pam McMahon

Mindy Forey

Elizabeth McBride is a native Floridian, born and raised in beautiful, sunny Sarasota. She is a graduate of USF with a degree in Elementary Education. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and three children while enjoying outdoor activities. As well she shares a passion for the arts including but not limited to photography, pottery, music, singing and dancing. Her faith has always been an integral part of her life, and she enjoys the opportunity to serve, by serving others.  


Get to Know Her:  Elizabeth is truly gifted at talking to people and making every event fun and exciting.  She is so creative and fun! And, she's our resident photographer!

Location:  Florida

Elizabeth McBride